東海圏唯一のBCオフショアスクール※事前認定校「Kaisei Canadian Double Diploma School」を本校に設置。

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A message from KCDDS Principal

Meghann Kenkel
British Columbia Principal

Meghann Kenkel
British Columbia Principal

B.Ed.、M.Ed. (行政指導とカリキュラムと指導)


Hello, my name is Meghann Kenkel. I am honoured to be the principal and look forward to welcoming students to our school. We will provide a high quality education using the British Columbia curriculum which will allow students to be prepared to university while developing their skills and knowledge.

Our school is a 3-year program taught by fully certified British Columbia educators. The school will be inspected and certified annually by the British Columbia ministry of education. Our school and the curriculum focuses on developing Communication and Thinking skills in students, and helps them to better understand themselves and their culture while also looking at their role as global citizens.

Our goal is to support students in developing their English proficiency while preparing them for success in universities in both Japan and abroad. I have had the honour of being a British Columbia educator since 2009 and have been priveledged to celebrate with graduates who have been accepted to prestigious universities all around the world. The program willl be rigorous, but rewarding for students and we look forward to going on this journey with our students.

I invite you to reach out to the school with any questions and look forward to welcoming you in person to our school.


Michael Nightingale 
British Columbia Teacher

Michael Nightingale
British Columbia Teacher



Dear Students and Parents,

Choosing a school to best suit your needs is a difficult decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Mathematics and science can be challenging subjects for many. We understand that the fact that our program follows the BC curriculum and is taught in English may raise concerns among parents and students considering enrolling in our school. I hope that I can ease some of these concerns by providing some information about our science and math program.

Active Learning

The focus of the math and science program is learning through doing. This begins with the teacher showing students how something is done, then doing it together with the students, then allowing the students to do it themselves. In science, the focus will be on students answering questions using the scientific method, while in math the focus will be on solving problems using mathematical methods. By focusing hands-on instruction over lecture and reading, we make the learning process more approachable for English-language learners.

Language Development

Although active learning helps students to approach the subjects of science and math, it is also important that they learn to communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. To assist students in this process, the English courses will be strongly integrated with the science and math courses. Here students will learn vocabulary, engage in readings, listening exercises, and presentations related to their science and math courses. Through this integrated approach, we aim to balance the development of practical skills in science and math with the ability to communicate about and understand these subjects in English.

Learning to Answer Questions and Solve Problems

Another key focus of our science and math program is learning to think and act like a scientists and mathematicians. In science class, this means being able to think and act like a scientist: ask good questions and make good predictions, plan and conduct investigations, collect and analyze data, and evaluate the meaning of the data. In math class, this means learning a variety of problem-solving strategies, recognizing when to use which strategy, and reflecting on the relative success of their chosen strategy. Additionally, students will apply their science and math learning to real-world contexts, connecting it to society, technology, and the environment. Through this process students will learn to effectively apply science and math in a variety of contexts both inside and outside of the classroom.

Individualized Learning

Our program is designed with different levels of proficiency in mind, and this is also true of our science and math courses. Learning and assessments are structured in a step-by-step approach to help students build their skills over time. This way, students start where they are comfortable and move forward at their own pace, taking on new challenges when they are ready. In addition, students will be provided with learning experiences and assessments that are designed in a way that gives students the freedom to explore topics that interest them and allow them to express their skills in ways best suited to them. Through this flexible learning environment students can express their unique strengths and interests at a level appropriate to them, giving them the best change for success in academics and life.

Closing Words

We hope you'll join us at our school. Our goal is not only to help you master science and math but also to equip you with skills and ways of thinking that extend beyond the classroom.